Teacher Training

A comprehensive training course for teachers
to bring #MissMakesCode to their classroom

What is

#MissMakesCode is the first initiative in the world created to build confidence and self efficacy in the areas of algorithmic thinking, programming and coding for young girls aged 5-8 years.

The teacher curriculum comprises of a series of lesson plans and resources and is the only professional development solution for teachers/librarians that ensures the priorities of the Digital Technologies Australian Curriculum F-Year 2 (as adopted by each state) are comprehensively and explicitly delivered to primary teachers as an all in one engaging teaching and learning and assessment solution, across the nation.

All resources and assessment have been developed by teachers who are specialised in the subject matter and who teach at these age groups daily in a range of systems, schools and settings.

The #MissMakesCode program will equip schools and its F-Year 2 classroom teachers and librarians with the skills to deliver the theory and coding skills related to:

  • understanding algorithms
  • the coding structures of sequence, selection and iteration (loops)
  • techniques for testing and debugging
  • the coding events to activate and monitor actions

#MissMakesCode Teacher Training Course 1 consists of 9 modules for each week that focus on computational thinking, programming structures, coding techniques and the software development life cycle.

In-person Training

This one-day event shares the core principles and skills to successfully run the #MissMakesCode program in schools.  

Learn how to make your own game using code, just as your students would, followed by practical examples and resources to roll the program out in your school.

You will also get full access to the online program.

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Online Training

We believe that every teacher in Australia should have access to this training – so we have developed an online program that takes you through everything you need to bring #MissMakesCode into your classroom.  

The online portal allows this training to be accessed by teachers across Australia, and thanks to the support of the Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) grant it is being offered free of charge to registered Australian teachers and teacher librarians currently working in schools.

Meet your trainer

Helen Sultana

Helen is a dynamic and engaging leader, innovator, educator and member of Girl Geek Academy.

She specialises in teacher training, digital technologies in education, eSafety, curriculum development and change management.  Helen is a highly skilled technologies teacher and mentor at both primary and secondary levels.