A very special
development day.

#MissMakesCode, written and delivered
by teachers, for teachers.

What is #MissMakesCode?

#MissMakesCode is a movement committed to facilitating technology education for young girls. This curriculum has been developed by educators, for educators.

Girl Geek Academy have built the world-first MissMakesCode accreditation/course to empower educators, training them in the delivery of a program that builds confidence and skills in the areas of algorithmic thinking, programming and coding for girls from 5 to 8 years of age.

Girl Geek Academy welcomes primary school teachers and teacher librarians of 5 to 8 year old girls to join us for #MissMakesCode teacher training. Educators will learn how to code their own game, just as their students would, followed by practical examples and resources to help them roll the program out in their school. This professional development day is practical, empowering and engaging.

We focus on explicit teaching of visible thinking skills, enabling girls to use a variety of computational methods to solve problems using programming principles. The MissMakesCode program is most often delivered in a day of specially designed workshops aligned to the Australian Digital Technologies curriculum.


Why should I enrol in the teacher training?

Girl Geek Academy ensures solid pedagogical approaches are used in all our training. The #MissMakesCode course accreditation aligns with the Digital Technologies Curriculum and meets the achievement standard for Foundation to Year 2 in Australia. Our program consists of explicit teaching activities for visible thinking, problem solving and graphical user interface (GUI) design so that young girls are able to work in a variety of computational ways to solve problems and create apps and games via coding.

This premiere event will empower you to help increase the numbers of female students in your school pursuing STEAM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics coupled with art and design) careers. A core value of the #MissMakesCode initiative is to diversify future interest and engagement in STEM/STEAM, tech and IT roles for women. We have learned that it is necessary to reach out to women when they are young to build the confidence and expertise they need to make a big impact as digital professionals.

After the training day you will have access to the Girl Geek Academy #MissMakesCode online teacher training course as well as access to online resources and support from the team at GGA to roll out the #MissMakesCode curriculum in your School.


I’m keen, but how will workshops assist my students?

MissMakesCode activities focus on skills and strategies to develop algorithmic thinking and creative problem solving in students. Our resources and training empower educators to deliver practical, hands-on tasks where all levels of success are recognised. Our accreditation and training ensures that all teachers who participate in MissMakesCode will fast-track their journey in personal computer science and coding skills, but also support an increase in the numbers of students in their school pursuing STEAM careers.

Every MissMakesCode accredited educator will complete their training with the skills, resources, lessons and activity plans needed to begin delivering the MissMakesCode program to their students immediately.


Oh cool, how do I get started?

Check out our front page to register for the next teacher training session near you.

At our professional development session, we will give you the skills and confidence to bring #MissMakesCode to your school and the opportunity to sign up and be a part of our online community. Meet and stay connected to other teachers just like you who want to learn the skills needed to encourage girls between five and eight to start coding!

If your school or educational organisation would like Girl Geek Academy to deliver a private MissMakesCode training event, please get in touch.

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Girl Geek Academy is a global movement encouraging women to learn technology, create startups and build more of the internet.

With aims of teaching 1 million women and girls to build the internet by 2025, this group of hipsters, hackers and hustlers are skilled digital professionals wanting to increase the number of women with successful STEM careers. This girl-gang work with teachers, schools, corporates and startups to increase the number of woman in the digital and entrepreneurial landscape.

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Teacher Training

27 July 2017, 9.30am – 3pm

One Roof, 77–83 City Road, Southbank VIC 3006.
Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided. This is a subsidised event, tickets from $39.
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